America's Newsroom Wonders if Medina Spirit and Bob Baffert Should Be Allowed at Belmont For Ratings

Fox News still covering horse racing.
Fox News still covering horse racing. /

Bob Baffert obviously struck a chord with FOX News as the network is sticking with their Medina Spirit coverage two days after the horse's Triple Crown bid ended at the Preakness. Carley Shimkus joined Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino on America's Newsroom this morning to discuss Baffert being banned from the upcoming Belmont Stakes.

Hemmer and Shimkus were confused about why the results from Medina Spirit's second sample were taking so long, which is a valid question. Shimkus wondered if there was a "backlog of controversial horses," and pointed out that keeping Baffert and Medina Spirit out of the Belmont would most definitely hurt TV ratings, which is a valid point.

Ratings for the Preakness were up 27 percent from 2019, probably because Baffert spent the week leading to the race complaining about being victimized and drumming up interest in the Triple Crown, which is now off the table.

Perino then brings the conversation back to Baffert being the victim of cancel culture before they close by discussing how insignificant picograms sound.