Four Loko Hard Seltzer With 14 Percent ABV Will Be Dangerous for Society

Ryan Glasspiegel

Hard seltzer has been all the rage this summer, and everyone who has had a six-pack of White Claw or Truly by the lake or pool and then felt like they’re floating on air can understand why. It was probably the natural trajectory that someone would come in with a model of it that contains an insane amount of alcohol, and Four Loko has done just that:

Fourteen percent alcohol by volume is so much alcohol by volume. It is more than double that of White Claw and Truly, which are at 6 percent ABV.

This is dangerous for anyone like me who remembers the original incarnation of Four Loko, which packed as much alcohol as six beers and as much caffeine as two cups of coffee into one can. These were the rage when I was in college. If you drank two it was downright disorienting and if you drank three or more you might wind up living out the plot of The Hangover. It got banned in multiple states 2010 and ultimately pulled off the shelves by the company after a death and dozens of hospitalizations.

If their hard seltzer tastes anywhere near okay, it’s gonna be dangerous for society again.