For Once, Jalen Ramsey Had Nothing To Say

Ryan Phillips

Jalen Ramsey and the Jacksonville Jaguars got absolutely housed by the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. The Jags and their vaunted defense gave up 40 points in a 33-point loss. It was a laughably bad performance.

For once, the typically loquacious Ramsey didn’t have much to say after the game.

Here’s his postgame press conference:

That’s a pretty rough look for Ramsey who almost never misses an  opportunity to talk trash. He looks completely defeated.

I’ve said for months I think Ramsey’s talking is good for the league. The NFL needs more identifiable personalities. Whether heroes or villains, the league needs guy who fans tune in to watch and whose personalities separate them from the pack. Some may not like what Ramsey has to say, but virtually everyone has an opinion on it.

Honestly, it would have been far better had the 23-year-old owned his defense’s terrible performance. Shying away from questions was a bad look especially after all the talking he’s done.