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Cursing Football Official Plagued By Hot Mic, Irony

Kyle Koster
Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

There's college football happening right now, in mid-February, because like the classic Who's Line Is It Anyway game, everything is made up and the points don't matter. You know what, let's steer into this deviation and remind everyone that there was a time when Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie ruled the small screen. Who's Line consistently put ratings up on the scoreboard that current network showrunners would sell their souls to replicate.

Where was I? Oh yeah. College football. One of the places it's taking place today is in North Dakota, where the Fighting Hawks have opened up a 30-point lead over Southern Illinois, a far cry from the two-point halftime edge.

If we know anything about coach Bubba Schweigert, it's that he was likely fired up at the break. If we know anything an official working the game, it's that he can't hear anything out there.

This workplace difficulty was expressed colorfully and profanely with one of his fellow officials and everyone else in the stadium as a result of a functioning microphone.

Not that this blog post will play any factor in the matter, but I certainly hope there's no discipline for this. Nothing as perfectly ironic as complaining about being able to hear while everyone else can hear should ever be punished. We can't do that to our performance artists, who already suffer enough for their work.