Someone Flushed a Toilet During a Supreme Court Argument Today

Kyle Koster

Even the brainiest lawyers cannot go out into the world responsibly right now so they are left to do most of their work remotely. The highest court in the land has taken the extraordinary step of allowing oral arguments via teleconference. These are being streamed to the public, which is like the Super Bowl every day for the legal nerds at home watching with a big foam gavel.

It's important stuff yet a bit droll for the rest of us. Unless, of course, there's a few well-placed bloopers interspersed to keep things interesting.

Someone flushing a toilet for the justices and all else to hear qualifies.

Poor Roman Martinez. There's no way to know if that was his toilet flushing. But if your name is plastered on the screen when a toilet flushes, it sticks to you. That's just human nature.

Giant missed opportunity for all the justices who could have come through with an "Odor! Odor in the court!" quip.