Floyd Mayweather Brawls With Both Jake and Logan Paul at Press Conference

Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul - Media Availability
Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul - Media Availability / Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather held a press conference on Thursday to promote their June 6th fight. Because this involved Mayweather and the Paul brothers, it shouldn't come as a shock that things got out of hand.

While Mayweather was talking to the press he mentioned that he'd be willing to fight Logan and Jake Paul in the same night. Jake took exception to that and confronted Mayweather, who didn't back down. Paul's only defense was to take Mayweather's hat right off his head and that started a protracted brawl that also involved Logan.

Here are several angles from of what happened:

I guess this is entertaining in some way? Mayweather is clearly not playing around while the Paul boys seem to be treating this as if it's all a game. Mayweather has said and done some crazy stuff to promote fights before, but he was not faking this.

Yes, this will create buzz for the June 6 exhibition, but Mayweather is not taking this lightly.