Floyd Mayweather Made Dana White Wear Those Little Blue Shoe Booties Inside His House

Stephen Douglas
Floyd Mayweather and Dana White a a Celtics game.
Floyd Mayweather and Dana White a a Celtics game. / Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Dana White posted a picture of himself with Floyd Mayweather and Nobuyuki Sakakibara at Mayweather's house yesterday. Sakakibara sold Pride to the UFC 14 years ago so as far as combat sports history goes, there's a lot of it in this picture. One thing that isn't in Dana's Instagram post is anyone's feet. Though you can see them in Sakakibara's Instagram post. If you look at that you will learn that Floyd Mayweather does not care who you are, you're not tracking anything into his house on the bottom of your shoes.

That's right, Floyd Maywatehr makes you wear shoe covers when you enter his home.

That's pretty funny. Not just the idea that Dana White might have intentionally cropped the feet out of the picture, but that Sakakibara revealed that Floyd Mayweather will treat fellow millionaires like the cable guy on a rainy day. There was very likely a conversation between Floyd Mayweather and Dana White about whether Dana would prefer sock feet or booties. Dana and Sakakibara both went with booties. I probably would have just left my shoes at the comically large door and maybe that's why I will never be rich.