Floyd Mayweather Believes Canelo Alvarez Was On "Something" When they Fought

Bobby Burack

Canelo Alvarez was forced to withdraw from his fight with Gennady Golovkin (GGG) on May 5 after failing multiple PED tests, but is this the first time he was potentially using? There is now belief he was “on something” during his fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The belief comes from Mayweather himself.

Former Senator Harry Reid weighed in on the Canelo situation revealing Mayweather’s thoughts when he went up against the superstar (Reid was a Senator in Nevada – the location of the bout – at the time Mayweather faced Canelo), according to Bad Left Hook Reid said:

"“Mayweather always felt Canelo was on something. He said, ‘I’m gonna go ahead and fight him.’ Mayweather was interested in money and he thought it would hurt the purse. He went ahead and fought the guy and toyed with him.”"

Mayweather is not a guy to keep things quiet, unless it affects his money, of course.

If Canelo was, in fact, using something 2013, it did him no good as Mayweather absolutely annihilated him (contrary to again pathetic judging).