Florida State Football Excited About Football Season, Unclear on When it Starts

Kyle Koster

Florida State begins its football season on August 31 with a game against Boise State. That’s a month or so away, and I think 33 or 32 days depending on how you do the math. People are excited and the official account of the team tried to get them even more fired up by making a graphic celebrating the dwindling of days.

This is what they came up with:

It’s tough to make heads or tails of what’s going on here. It’s not four days, or 15 days, or 154 days. Perhaps this is some sort of Zodiac-like code that we’re all to break.

As it stands, most people are just quote-tweeting this with the Hangover GIF when Alan gets hot at the blackjack table. Funny, yes, but not really getting us anywhere.