No One Wants to Watch Florida State Play Football

Liam McKeone
Clemson v Florida State
Clemson v Florida State / Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Florida State football is in disarray and nothing is going right. Willie Taggart is locked in to a long-term contract with borderline unbelievable buyout terms and the team lost to Boise State on their own field to start the season.

Things haven't gotten much better as Florida State sat at 1-2 heading into their Week 4 matchup with the Louisville Cardinals. The game was at home, and the Seminoles were surely looking forward to support from the crowd. Until the game started and no one was there.

Brutal stuff. This is a low point for Florida State in a season where it was hard to imagine they'd get much lower than blowing a 17-point lead to Boise State to start their year, but here we are. Contract details aside, it's clear this fanbase has lost all faith in Taggart and this team.