Florida State's 'Backyard Baseball' Recruiting Videos Rule

Kyle Koster

As a society, we are photoshopping more than ever before. There's an argument to be made that the photoshops per day line has steadily crawled up since the advent of internet, then social media, then the meme revolution. Today is an especially taxing and heroic day in the space, though, as college football teams must turn around work showing their latest recruits in team gear as soon as hypothetical ink dries.

The best programs, of course, are going even further with the production values by leaning into video. And while Florida State has struggled on the field as of late, they're having a nostalgic-driven moment. Because their Backyard Baseball-themed work is spectacular.

See? Very enjoyable.

What's less enjoyable is discovering these players were born as I was headed off to college or that I was also too old to play this video game. Choose your own sad adventure there.