Florida Protesters Work Out on Courthouse Steps to Protest Inability to Work Out

Kyle Koster

If you set out to make a compelling argument to re-open a gym, there are plenty of different angles that you could approach it from to land in a reasonable place. Individual freedom, the positive impact on mental health, and securing jobs come immediately to mind. What is decidedly not a winning case, however, is highlighting the various replacement exercises that could be done in the comfort of one's home just steps from a closed facility, which is a technique protesters are applying this afternoon in Florida.

Spectacular stuff, gang. Not undermining your position at all.

Now, to be fair, perhaps this is all just a nod to a five-paragraph essay in which the opposing viewpoint has to be acknowledged before being dismissed with a broad brush. Maybe there's a Powerpoint presentation coming highlighting the fact that these bodyweight exercises don't blast the core or stabilizing muscles enough.