Man Captures Alligator With Trash Can

Liam McKeone
Alligator don't like trashcan
Alligator don't like trashcan /

Alligators are frightening creatures and I don't have the slightest idea what I would do if one ever showed up at my house. I imagine many feel the same. Fortunately, the latest viral video to make the rounds gives all of us in that category a brilliant idea in case the worst happens.

This man, who many are calling a Florida Man based off his socks-and-slides attire and the fact that there's an alligator at his house, dealt with the animal by capturing it with a trash can. Ingenious, really. Can't believe I never thought of this myself.

This seems the only solution to dealing with an alligator other than running away and hoping it's not there when you get back. The real question is what he did afterwards. What's the next step? Does he ziptie the trash can shut, drive out into the wilderness, and release the gator?

Hopefully he just called animal control. That's what they're here for, after all. But now we all have a method of dealing with such a scenario, and we're all better off for it.