Lamborghinis Aren't Technically Made to Navigate Flood Waters, But Here's One Doing It in Florida Anyway

Stephen Douglas
A Lamborghini driving through flood water.
A Lamborghini driving through flood water. /

There is flooding in South Florida right now as tropical storm Eta approaches. The rising water is leaving some people in a position where they must abandon their cars, but not this Lamborghini driver who was caught on WSVN passing two cars on the right.

While Lamborghini did recently partner with a boat maker to create a super yacht, they are not currently working on submarine technology. A similar clip made the rounds in 2016 so we already have a prewritten explanation for why this works. Via Mashable:

"The Lamborghini's V10 engine is mounted in the middle of the car and the air intakes are relatively high up. And with underbody shielding (designed for aerodynamics and not floodwater protection) that keeps water off the vital electronics and high-tech all-wheel drive, it makes for a pretty potent water walker."

So while a Lamborghini is unintentionally built to work in low flood areas, it's unlikely the company would suggest you try this on the road. Eventually you're going to get to a spot where the water is just a little too deep and then you're in real trouble, just like all the schmucks in regular cars that cost less than a quarter of a million dollars. They also probably don't want you driving your superyachts on the highway.