Five Pro-Bowl Quality Players Could Be Traded During the 2020 NFL Draft

Stephen Douglas
Washington Redskins v Tennessee Titans
Washington Redskins v Tennessee Titans / Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

The 2020 NFL Draft is now just a few days away. The league is preparing for their virtual mock draft on Monday and then it's time to get serious. And this draft - held online - will be very serious. There are five Pro Bowl players who are legitimate trade candidates this week, according to ESPN's Field Yates.

The Jacksonville Jaguars appear to be the most dysfunctional bunch. Defensive end Yannick Ngakoue has been looking for a way out for months now while running back Leonard Fournette keeps finding himself at odds with the franchise without actually saying he wants a trade.

In New York, Jamal Adams wants an extension and won't be showing up for team activities online or in person until he gets one or gets traded. The Washington Pigskins should have traded Trent Williams a year ago. Anthony Harris of the Minnesota Vikings has been franchise tagged and the two sides are currently working towards a contract extension, but anything is possible between now and then.