Five O'Clock News Comes In Absolutely on Fire, Works

Kyle Koster

Tarvarious Haywood was tasked with kicking off WWMT's 5 p.m. newscast on Wednesday night. He was thrown immediately off-script in a way that required some quick thinking and poise as an angry business owner walked into his shot to express myriad frustration. Both were demonstrated.

Instead of plowing ahead of sending it back to the studio, Haywood approached the man and let him have his say. The result was 80 seconds of the realest local news coverage you'll see. And though you'll probably fall passionately on the side of agreement or disagreement, the raw emotion on display radiates through the video.

It might behoove him to really explore who, specifically, he should be mad at, but that doesn't change the direness of his situation and how that's driving his actions.

All things being equal, leaning into a person who comes into a live shot tuned up to 11 can go wrong many different ways. This time, things really worked out and the resulting content was far more interesting than the piece would have been otherwise.

Interesting work requires taking chances.