'First Take' Fart Investigation Rocks ESPN

Kyle Koster

Anyone with a loose understanding of ethics knows that internal investigations are often fraught with problems. An entity is often torn between uncovering and disclosing the whole truth or maintaining a strong bottom line.

That said, I am not sure there’s anyone we should trust more to get to the bottom of what happened on yesterday’s First Take than The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz staff. Nonsense is their purview and the issue at hand is right in that wheelhouse.

A helpful Reddit user flagged the incident in question. In the midst of a spirited debate (aren’t they all), Max Kellerman coughed off camera. And it sure sounded like something else happened too.

Le Batard’s crew has spent a lion’s share of today’s national show discussing the moment and is hellbent on figuring out if someone farted and if that fart threw Stephen A. Smith off his game.

There are 2.5 hours remaining. And if you think they’re going to get off the topic anytime soon, then you don’t get the show. Very good chance we learn who denied/supplied/smelt it/dealt it.

UPDATE: Kellerman joined the show and denied being the farter, though seemed to suggest a fart did happen.