First Overall Pick Watch: the Raiders, 49ers, and Jets All Won on Wild Sunday

By Jason Lisk

The top pick isn’t looking so enticing, and the teams who were at the bottom of the league decided to show up on Sunday. Oakland and San Francisco came into the day tied for the fewest wins in the league, with both at 2-10. The Jets were right behind at 3-9 (along with Arizona). But a wild sequence in Oakland saw the Raiders take the lead with the 21 seconds left, the Steelers appear to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat with a hook-and-ladder play to Juju Smith-Schuster to get in field goal range, and then for Chris Boswell to slip on the kick attempt resulting in a block. The 49ers held on against Denver at home, while the Jets rallied earlier in the day to beat the Bills

So the race for the top pick now looks like this with just three weeks remaining. (I list the current win totals of the 16 opponents for each team, because the tiebreaker is strength of schedule):

#1 (tie): Arizona Cardinals, 3-10 (100 wins)

#1 (tie): San Francisco 49ers, 3-10 (100 wins)

#3: Oakland Raiders, 3-10 (118 wins)

#4: Atlanta Falcons, 4-9 (102.5 wins)

#5: New York Jets, 4-9 (104.5 wins)

#6: Buffalo Bills, 4-9 (110 wins)

#7: Jacksonville Jaguars, 4-9 (113.5 wins)

Yes, with this jumbled mess, 2017 playoff teams Atlanta and Jacksonville are now very much in the mix for the worst record, especially Atlanta with the strength of schedule tiebreaker. An Atlanta loss to Arizona this week could further complicate things at the bottom of the standings