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There Was a 'Fire Nagy' Chant at Matt Nagy's Sons' High School Football Game

Stephen Douglas
Chicago Bears v Las Vegas Raiders
Chicago Bears v Las Vegas Raiders / Chris Unger/GettyImages

Matt Nagy is facing an increasingly hostile fanbase in Chicago. As the Bears struggle towards their worst record of Nagy's tenure, fans have started chanting "Fire Nagy." First at Sunday's Bears loss and then at Monday night's Bulls game. Now footage has emerged from a local high school game where fans chanted "Fire Nagy." The twist here is that his sons were playing in the game.

According to Twitter, Nagy's sons play for Lake Forrest and it was the Cary-Grove student section doing the chanting. So in this instance you mostly can blame the immaturity that led to this chant on youth. If this was parents, it would be a whole other level of wrong. Either way, it's still not nice and Nagy and his family don't deserve this at a high school football game.