You Can Look at Paul Finebaum and Mike Golic While They Talk Now

Kyle Koster
] / Scott Halleran/Getty Images

For the past two months fans have been relegated to audio-only versions of Golic and Wingo and The Paul Finebaum Show. But no more. We can look at them now. In all their glory. Both shows returned to their previous form today thanks to in-home studios and the work of producers working at other studios or their homes.

This is a great return to normalcy because few things, if any, feel more normal than looking at Finebaum as he negotiates the most eclectic cadre of call-in regulars in the country.

Up in Connecticut, Mike Golic, Trey Wingo, and Mike Golic Jr. have been huddled in the Golic family basement providing early-morning takes without the chore of cleaning up because no one could judge how clean it was down there. Now back to video, one presumes the plastic coating has been removed from the couch for its big national television moment.

Front Row has a great gallery highlighting the various far-flung work stations and it's honestly relatively heartwarming to see the ingenuity and ability to adapt on the fly. This whole remote telecasts thing went from weird to barely noticeable in the blink of an eye. So much so that it may now be odd to see them all back in-studio, whenever that happens.