Finally, the New York Giants Sound Sick and Tired of Odell Beckham, and a Trade Could Happen


The NFL owner meetings began today, and the biggest story by far is what John Mara of the Giants said when backed into a corner about his petulant star receiver Odell Beckham.

I tried to warn the Giants last January, after the boat trip; then in the offseason when he began to demand being the highest-paid player in the NFL. Then at his position. It’s always something with Beckham, and Mara seems fed up:

Odell Beckham’s attitude and antics totally changed with “The Catch.” He became a Superstar. Between the highlight reel plays – nobody questions his talent – and flamboyant hair, Beckham became a Global Superstar. Then came the boat trip, and it changed everything. He’s never been in trouble with the law, but he just decided he wants to play by his own set of rules, so he does. We know receivers are divas; Beckham is close to the Randy Moss level of talent, with the Terrell Owens level of behavior.

Should be a fun summer in New York.