Finally, A Gender Reveal That Ends With a Car Engulfed in Flames


Gender reveals are still a thing and arguably becoming a bigger thing as people-making people try to outdo each other in terms of ridiculousness. Now, to be fair, these are always special for the parents involved. It’s truly a magical time when one finds out what it’s going to be. For those with no stake in the future humanity, though, they can get a bit boring.

Unless something goes wrong. Usually that’s someone spilling something or falling or an otherwise America’s Funniest Home Videos-type snafu. But every now and again, a truly terrible yet hilarious happenstance materializes.

Like a car becoming engulfed in flames all for the sake of some blue smoke.

It’s a boy! It’s a fiery inferno! It’s catastrophic damage to the undercarriage!

Congratulation to all involved and RIP to this beautiful machine. Important to remember that when one chapter closes, another opens. Circle of life stuff, right there.