FIFA Report On World Cup 2018 and 2022 Bidding Corruption Won't Be Made Public

By Ty Duffy

FIFA appointed former U.S. Attorney Michael J. Garcia to head an investigation into allegations of corruption in the World Cup bidding for Russia in 2018 and Qatar in 2022. The report from said investigation, according to Around the Rings, will not be made public. FIFA will only publish the final decision, based on the report.

"“Please note that in accordance with art 28 and 36 of the FIFA Code of Ethics the report will be handed over to the adjudicatory chamber but only the final decision of the adjudicatory chamber may be made public,” he added."

This fact should not surprise anyone. FIFA operates with little if any oversight. Many FIFA officials have a vested interest in not having their finger nail cleanliness exposed to the public. Expecting them to commission their own investigation into themselves and then to conduct it with the utmost transparency for the sake of it was a bit naive. This investigation is a political cudgel for Blatter and a sop to public opinion.  It’s not clear how much it will matter. It’s not like FIFA officials are going to face punishment beyond forced resignations.

We would predict Russia (in whatever form) will host the 2018 tournament as scheduled, unless things remain unstable in the region. We would also predict the 2022 World Cup will move. Blatter never wanted the tournament in Qatar. Moving the tournament would be a popular campaign platform he could use against prospective opposition. UEFA President Michel Platini, Blatter’s most likely opponent, voted for the Qatar bid. His son Laurent Platini coincidentally was hired to head Qatari-owned sportswear company Burdda Sport following the vote.