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Field Yates' Golden Retriever Threw Up During 'NFL Live'

Ryan Phillips
Field Yates on "NFL Live"
Field Yates on "NFL Live" /

Fridays are always crazy around these parts and we've got yet another wacky media story heading into the weekend. On Friday's edition of NFL Live, Field Yates' camera shook in the middle of a live shot and the ESPN personality's eyes darted quickly to his right as if he'd seen a ghost. Turns out there was a non-spectral reason for his concern. Adam Schefter later reported Yates' dog was in the process of puking while his human was live on-air.

Schefter, who was also a panelist on the show, reported the following:

Here's video of what happened:

Laura Rutledge immediately noticed something was up because she's a total pro. But it's hilarious seeing Yates' eyes get wide as he looks to his right, while still trying to keep his calm, knowing that he's on-air.

Tough scene for the Yates household. That'll requite some cleanup. But that shot of Cisco looking relieved and happy makes it all worth it. I mean, probably. Right?