Fernando Tatis Jr.'s Teammates Not Pleased With PED Suspension

Liam McKeone
Fernando Tatis Jr.
Fernando Tatis Jr. / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

The San Diego Padres were a popular World Series pick before yesterday's news put a dent in their hopes as Fernando Tatis Jr. got hit with an 80-game PED suspension. The roster is still loaded but the news casts more doubt on Tatis as a player given his history of poor decision-making. The Padres are still poised to make a run at 64-51 with Juan Soto now on the roster, but the lack of Tatis keeps them firmly in the "contending" tier instead of the "favorites" tier.

Tatis' teammates spoke for the first time about his suspension on Saturday and it is safe to say they were not pleased. Not that it's any surprise.

Tatis is, understandably, in nobody's good graces. He broke his wrist over the offseason in what appears to have been a motorcycle accident (and possibly not his first one, either). He spends the whole year to this point rehabbing and his team still succeeded, inspiring great hope. Then this. And he claimed the drugs he took were for ringworm treatment, which if anything is certainly a new one in the realm of "here's why I took illegal drugs" realm. As always, such convoluted explanations come across worse than a simple "I'm sorry."

It sucks for the Padres and Tatis. Maybe the strong words from his teammates above will really hammer home how bad he screwed up and lead to better choices in the future.