Fernando Tatis Jr.: 'I Haven't Made The Right Decisions'

Philadelphia Phillies  v San Diego Padres
Philadelphia Phillies v San Diego Padres / Denis Poroy/GettyImages

Fernando Tatis Jr. finally addressed the media on Tuesday for the first time since failing a test for performance-enhancing drugs. The superstar San Diego Padres shortstop opened with a statement in which he apologized for "letting so many people down." He seemed genuinely contrite.

Tatis referred consistently to his "mistake," which we're assuming meant taking clostebol. Though he has maintained he took the substance by mistake, he implied that it was no excuse. He followed that up by saying he hasn't "made the right decisions" for a while. Tatis went in depth on how he had failed Padres, owner Peter Seidler, the city's fans, his family and even his home country of the Dominican Republic with his actions. Included in those actions is the motorcycle accident in which he suffered a wrist injury that has kept him out all season.

Here is his statement:

That seems as raw and genuine as you can get. It's a 23-year-old kid reckoning with what could have been the end of his career -- and certainly the end of his credibility. We'll leave the details for another day, but this is the kind of statement fans wish other MLB players popped for PEDs would make, and the kind of contrition we wish they'd show.