Felix Salmon Dissects the Ramifications of Gawker's Bankruptcy Filing

Ryan Glasspiegel

Felix Salmon, a writer for Fusion and the host of the Slate Money podcast, joins us this week to discuss Gawker (which he has covered here and here) and its bankruptcy filing, and then a little bit about Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn. Topics addressed:

  • What is the process of the bankruptcy from here? How much would Gawker have been worth if they hadn’t been embroiled in this legal war mounted by Peter Thiel? Could Nick Denton buy back Gawker.com?
  • In a pie chart of Peter Thiel’s intentions, how much of the motivation for these lawsuits comes from Gawker’s outing of him versus their other coverage of his personality versus their coverage of his companies?
  • What are the chances that an institutional buyer – be it Ziff-Davis or another bidder that emerges – significantly tones down the voice of sites like Deadspin, Jezebel, and Gizmodo?
  • Did Microsoft way overpay for LinkedIn? What do they even plan on doing with it?