Boston Sports Radio Host Calls Michael Jordan a Loser For Gambling While Sitting in Front of DraftKings Ad

Stephen Douglas
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan / Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

The Last Dance, the highly-anticipated, widely-watched docuseries about Michael Jordan and the 1997-1998 Chicago Bulls season has sparked plenty of hot takes and debates about an unlimited number of topics. From sportsmanship in Detroit to Jordan versus LeBron to how interesting Dennis Rodman is, everyone has something to say. Including Boston sports talk radio personality Michael Felger, who called Jordan a loser of a man because of gambling. And he said it while sitting in front of a DraftKings ad.

Felger's argument is based on an unsupported accusation that Jordan loses millions at a blackjack table every year. If Felger was some straightedge sports fan who was against gambling, this could be ignored as a knee-jerk reaction, but as recently as December he had the president of the MGM Grand Springfield on his show to talk about how much longer they would have to wait for legal sports gambling.

It's well-known that Jordan loves to gamble, but he certainly isn't in over his head and in danger of losing his sporting goods store to Tony Soprano. So this is just a guy from Boston lashing out at Jordan. Why? Probably because Jordan is very relevant right now and Felger was looking for a hot take that hasn't been beaten into the ground. He found it. Six-time NBA champion billionaire Michael Jordan being a loser is certainly that.