Pipe Bursts in Stands at FedEx Field During Washington-Chargers Game [UPDATE]

Liam McKeone
Pipe bursts at FedEx field
Pipe bursts at FedEx field /

The Washington Football Team's 2021 season did not get off to the hottest of starts. They fell into an early hole against the Los Angeles Chargers and Washington's vaunted defensive front struggled mightily against the powers of Justin Herbert. Then Ryan Fitzpatrick got hurt on a big hit and Taylor Heinicke entered the game.

To really put the cherry on top of the sundae, apparently a pipe burst in the stands in the middle of the afternoon's matchup. The fan recording thinks it is a sewage pipe, which is the only way this situation gets any worse.

Art imitates life, as they say. No better representation of how life at FedEx Field has been over the last two years than this right here.

What a world we live in.

UPDATE: FedEx Field tweeted out that it was, in fact, rainwater and the fans affected have been moved to suites.