FedEx Field is Empty for Redskins-Jets Game

Bobby Burack
New York Jets v Washington Redskins
New York Jets v Washington Redskins / Will Newton/Getty Images

The NFL is the best sport to watch. Unless it is a matchup that features two all-time bad, embarrassing, and hopeless teams past the midway point of the season. Example: Today, the 2-7 inept Jets traveled to FedEx Field to take on the 1-8 abysmal Redskins in front of a bunch of empty seats.

Perhaps some fans will say, "Well, I wasn't going to sit out in 44 degrees to watch that." But don't let them fool you. They wouldn't have come to watch that if it was 30 degrees nicer. And I don't blame them. Few games in NFL history project to be as horrific as this one. So much so, somehow, these prices still seem too high:

I mean, if you are going to spend $31.98 (you would probably take a date), you might as well go see Ford v Ferrari with a large popcorn and maybe a drink depending on your city.

Don't get me started on the parking, either.