FCS Schools Had a Big Opening Weekend With Eight Wins over FBS Teams.

By Jason Lisk

The college football weekend opened with the schools in the FCS having one of their best weekends ever against the bigger budget FBS schools. Defending FCS champion North Dakota State went into Kansas State and beat last year’s Big XII Champion. FCS semifinalist Eastern Washington went to Corvallis, Oregon, and beat #25 Oregon State.

In total, eight FCS teams won games against teams in the FBS over the weekend. In addition to those results, Eastern Illinois (a playoff team in FCS last year) won at San Diego State in convincing fashion 40-19. McNeese State destroyed South Florida 53-21, Northern Iowa beat Iowa State, and Towson got a victory over Connecticut. Southern Utah and Samford added victories over recent FBS entrants South Alabama and Georgia State.

FCS Schools went 8-22 over the weekend against the FBS. That may not sound impressive, but keep in mind that all of these games for FCS schools are coming on the road. Also, keep in mind that the winning percentage in these games is normally much higher for FBS teams. According to this site tracking FBS vs. FCS, the last time FBS schools won fewer than 80% of their games against FCS competition was 2000, when they won 73.2% of games.

The last time FBS schools had a winning percentage even below 80% against the FCS was in 2000 (.732). That is being matched so far in 2013, with FBS teams only winning 73.3% so far. With two of last year’s Final Four adding big road wins against bowl teams from major conferences, the FCS is off to a fast start in 2013.