Just a Roller Coaster Half Hour for FAU Football and Lane Kiffin

Kyle Koster
Southern Miss v Florida Atlantic
Southern Miss v Florida Atlantic / Mark Brown/Getty Images

FAU dismantled UAB 49-6 in the Conference USA championship game this afternoon, and afterward, feasted on the spoils of victory. For like, 15 minutes. Because a lot can change in that period of time, especially in the whirlwind life of collegiate athletics.

What follows is a poignant and succinct tale.

Kiffin is currently doing his postgame presser, showing it's only weird if you make it weird.

The fact that Kiffin was able to get his current team to focus and win a championship while rumors of him swirled about his future team is a testament to his abilities. FAU folks knew deep down that he'd be courted by bigger schools if he had success, so this was part of the deal.

It's early, but this appears to be a mature breakup, which if you know Kiffin's history, hasn't always been the case. Love to see both sides handle it well.