Fat Tony Romo Picture Makes Internet Go Something Something

Stephen Douglas

Cowboys training camp started this weekend. Tony Romo, who appeared in just 4 games last season due to injuries, ran onto the field and a picture was taken during his entrance. This picture:

That picture proceeded to bounce around the web like a beach ball at a Nickelback concert while Twitterers and blogs and various other medias proclaimed Romo “fat.”

Romo, of course, is not fat. He’s simply the latest athlete to be the subject of an unflattering picture. He is not Eddie Lacy – who is looking good! – or Pablo Sandoval. Here’s Romo in April.

And here’s Romo earlier this month. He’s simply Tony Romo, professional football quarterback. Professional football quarterbacks do not look like Tim Tebow. They look like Tony Romo and boy are they handsome! Welcome back, football!