Fat Jesus Montero Says "after winter ball, all I did was eat"

By Mike Cardillo

Spring Training is a time to gawk at baseball players as they arrive at camps in Florida and Arizona either bulked up, skinny … or looking exactly like they did a year ago. The Seattle Mariners’ fading prospect Jesus Montero might not be a huge name (no pun intended) in the sport, but he gave us one of the best quotes we’ll hear over the next couple weeks when talking about his puffed up physical appearance.

Here’s what the converted catcher told the Seattle Times earlier this week after he arrived in camp weighing 40 pounds above his target weight:

"“after winter ball, all I did was eat.”"


While it’s funny to laugh about from afar, the Mariners brass isn’t exactly over the moon about the development,  especially since Montero missed the latter part of the 2013 season as part of the Biogenesis suspensions. Seattle GM Jack Zduriencik didn’t mince words about the former catcher:

"“I have zero expectations for Jesus Montero. Any expectations I had are gone.”"

Tell us how you really feel, Jack.

The Mariners have a right to be upset with Montero (listed at 230 pounds in 2013) since they traded promising righty Michael Pineda to the Yankees for his services. Granted, Pineda has been on the disabled list pretty much from the moment he touched down in the Bronx, but Montero has been awful in Seattle. He only appeared in 29 games in 2013, batting .208, and got moved to first base to make room for Mike Zunino behind the plate.

Although he’ll retain catcher eligibility, quick tip: don’t waste a fantasy pick on Montero this year … unless your league awards points for your team’s cumulative weight.