Fastest 40-Yard Dash Times in NFL Combine History

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The NFL Combine is a weird event when one really sits down to think about it. And just the fact that it's sometimes known as the Spandex Olympics proves enough people have. On the other hand, it's an opportunity to see extremely strong prospects perform heroic feats of strength like it's a Festivus celebration and extremely fast prospects go whurrrrr.

Of the many disciplines on display in Indianapolis, none is more exciting than the 40-yard dash, something so many people did once in high school and have spent their entire lives embellishing. There's few things better than seeing someone blast out of the starting blocks and flirt with a historical time.

As you'll see on this list, though, there's not a ton of correlation between blazing a trail at the combine and enjoying a long, fruitful NFL career.

Fastest 40-yard dash times in NFL Combine history

Stanford Routt, 4.27 seconds

Stanford Routt
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A cornerback out of Houston, Routt likely buoyed his draft stock by torching the rest of his colleagues at the 2005 event.

Selected 38th overall by the Oakland Raiders, Routt played eight years in the league, gradually working his way into 12 interceptions. His play earned him a juicy little three-year, $31 million contract extension in 2011. He continues to walk around in possession with an incredible name.