Fashionistas Take to New York Streets to Recruit Kevin Durant to the Knicks

Kyle Koster

This is all an inexact science at this point, but it feels like Kevin Durant-to-the-Knicks is less likely now than it was before the Achilles blowout. The New York Daily News even took the step of going local with a Knicks Lose Game 5 headline. But there are still many things happening behind the scenes to lure Durant to the entertainment capital of the world. These gentlemen below took to the streets to sweeten the pot and remind the hobbled Warriors forward that New York is also synonymous with high fashion.

The outpouring of support is objectively kind. And one understands just how desperate fans of the franchise are at this point. On the other hand, it’s tough to imagine Durant being swayed in any way by a man wandering the streets of Manhattan with his pajama pants tucked into his socks.

Stranger things have happened though.