Fans Storm Field During Australian Soccer Match

A-League Men's Rd 8 - Melbourne City v Melbourne Victory
A-League Men's Rd 8 - Melbourne City v Melbourne Victory / Darrian Traynor/GettyImages

Australian soccer fans are not messing around and, as a result, an ugly scene unfolded during a match in Melbourne on Saturday. Protesters stormed the pitch of a game between the Melbourne Victory and local rivals Melbourne City.

Fans are furious and protesting against the Australian Professional Leagues decision to sell hosting rights to the men's and women's grand finals to Sydney for the next three years. Fans of both clubs protested by throwing flares onto the field of the match and were planning a walkout in the 20th minute. Instead, things turned violent.

Some videos of what unfolded:

City goalkeeper Tom Glover attempted to throw a flare off the pitch, but Victory fans took it as him throwing it back at them. They stormed the grounds shortly after. Glover was hit in the head by a metal bucket filled with sand and was rushed from the pitch. Referee Alex King was also injured as he suffered a cut on his head.

The match was abandoned officially soon after.

Just an ugly, ugly scene.