Fans in Seattle and Kansas City Desperately Want Their Stadiums to Be the Loudest in the World

By Jason Lisk

Fans in Seattle and Kansas City are engaging in a din measuring contest, and Guinness is of course involved.

This summer, news emerged that fans in Seattle were trying to set a Guinness World Record for loudest crowd in an open air stadium. A group of Kansas City fans also heard about this, and organized their own attempt. Of course, if you want to be loud and proud and recognized by the Guinness crowd, it cannot be spontaneous. Applications must be submitted. This is not just a case of show up and cheer.

So on September 15th, Guinness representative Philip Robertson was present in Seattle for the game against San Francisco, when CenturyLink Field surpassed a soccer match in Turkey for loudest recorded crowd noise.

"“It’s a far louder, tribal kind of passion,” Robertson said. “There’s passionate people in soccer, but here you see veins bulging out of necks.”"

Now, some fans in Seattle are not happy. According to Seattle KIRO Radio’s Don O’Neil, the new record is not fair.

“We were responding to the game. It wasn’t artificial. I’m wondering why Kansas City got to do it that way.”

Yeah, why did Kansas City get to do it this way? With people cheering loudly in a stadium with the Jumbotron exhorting them to cheer louder? Seems totally unrelated and performance enhancing.

This is far from over. This thing is going to go on until someone actually bursts open a carotid, hopped up on fish tranquilizers to cheer louder. Seattle has now scheduled a second attempt during the Monday Night Football on December 2nd. Guinness will be present, and its representative will get another paid trip to attend a NFL game. That sounds like the best racket of all.