Two Fans Fight During Pitt-Michigan State Game

Ryan Phillips

Michigan State and Pitt faced each other in a highly entertaining Peach Bowl on Thursday, but that wasn't the most intriguing matchup in Mercedes-Benz Stadium that night. No, that honor belongs to two fans who battled each other in a fight that was bizarre from start to finish.

The brawl was between a guy in a lighter blue Pitt pullover and a man in a dark blue long-sleeved shirt. It didn't appear to be a disagreement over the game or schools, it seemed like there was something else at play here. And man, things got weird.

Check it out:

The woman trying to break this up clearly got the worst of things, as light-blue shirt essentially punched her while trying to hit the other guy. Then dark blue acts so strangely, at one point he tried to kiss the guy goodbye, at another he skipped back over to him. It was just weird.

Light blue clearly won the fight, but was also acting like a complete tool during the entire encounter. I award zero points, both guys are losers here.