Fans Brawled In the Stands at UFC 159 in New Jersey While Born in the USA Played [Video]

Stephen Douglas

During UFC 159 on Saturday night, there was talk on Twitter about fights in the stands. This is obviously nothing new at UFC events as the crowd is full of drunk testosterone-rich meatheads. Hey, it is a fact. There are a lot of fights at football games too. I love both sports, but those stereotypes exist for a reason.

(Skip to the 2:30 mark if you just want to see the violence.)

At least one fight was captured on video and it had it all. It started with a dispute over seats. A couple guys sneak into better seats than they paid for. (Someone in the video calls them “rednecks.”) They get into it with somebody who paid for his seat. (They have dark hair and collars on their shirts – “Guidos.”)  The usher comes and tells them to move.  The guys continue to talk. Roy Nelson’s walkout song comes on – Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA.” For a brief moment it looked like nothing would happen … then all hell breaks loose. Fist fly. Guys tumble down rows of seats. Security shows up. Everybody gets kicked out. One guy has a ripped shirt and is covered in blood.

Then a fat guy knocks out a jacked French dude. Then a guy gets a bloody eye. Then a guy breaks his damn toe. Madness all around.