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Fan Takes Mighty Spill Trying to Catch Matt Olson Dinger

Kyle Koster

The Home Run Derby is off to a hot start at Coors Field with Baltimore's Trey Mancini squeaking out a first-round victory over Oakland's Matt Olson, 24-23. At this pace, everyone seated in the outfield seats will be taking home at least one souvenir baseball, so there's no reason to risk life and limb trying to grab one. But emotions often get the best of people in unusual circumstances. Ergo you have a fan down the right field line who made a poor decision in trying to secure one of Olson's bombs.

This certainly could have been worse. Any time spent tumbling wildly down to concrete is not advisable. If all's good though, there are worst things to be known for than giving it 110 percent for a dinger-related artifacts. Basically the Indiana Jones of baseball without the coordination.