A Fan Snuck Into Fenway Park and Delayed Red Sox-Yankees Game

A Red Sox fan sneaks into Fenway Park
A Red Sox fan sneaks into Fenway Park /

Man, Boston Red Sox fans must really be missing their team. On Sunday, a man in a Red Sox jersey and hat snuck into Fenway Park and actually disrupted the team's game against the New York Yankees. It was a bizarre scene that resulted in the game being paused when the fan threw items on the field.

Check it out:

He was screaming something and actually threw a hat on the field.

It looks like he climbed his way into the park somehow:

This is absolutely insane, mostly because the Red Sox are 20-34 and sit among the three worst teams in baseball. Who would risk their life to watch that team play? This guy knows the Sox traded Mookie Betts, right?

Well, at least he got to see a win , as the Red Sox beat the Yankees, 10-2. I'm sure that will be a comfort to him when he's arraigned for trespassing.