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Falcons Mascot Tried to Fight Entire Youth Football Team

Ryan Phillips

For some reason, exhibitions between mascots and youth football teams have become a thing during NFL halftimes. They're absolutely ridiculous as grown men in costumes tackle kids in full uniforms. On Sunday one such contest turned a bit ugly as the Atlanta Falcons mascot (Freddie Falcon) attempted to fight an entire youth football team.

It all started when Freddie tackled a kid inside the five-yard line, then got in his face. The kid took a shot at Freddie's face, Freddie pushed back and the entire team got involved. Freddie didn't back down, he was ready to throw hands.

Check it out:

I'm sure most of this was just in good fun, but the kid who got tackled didn't look like he was playing around.

I'm seriously wondering why these games exist? Is this something people have been begging for? Do we really need it? I'm asking the tough questions no one else wants to tackle.