Fake Tom Brady-Bill Belichick Couples Therapy Session Fails to Yield Significant Results

Kyle Koster

Much has been made of the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick relationship, which entered a weird and uncomfortable new chapter when the quarterback bolted to Tampa and immediately went all the way with a new partner. The two will share the field on Sunday night as rivals for the very first time in a massive regular-season matchup. Though the date has been circled on every calendar on every refrigerator since the 2021 schedule was released, only one person thought to get these two back together to talk about healing.

The NFL Network's Rachel Bonnetta.

Sadly, despite her best efforts as someone who plays a trained doctor on television, little progress was made. The two did seem to leave the door open to a hug during at GIllette Stadium this weekend, which could really go a long way with the kids.

Better luck next time. In a few years we'll have a believable deep fake of Brady winning the 2020 Super Bowl with the Patriots and 30 percent of the population unable to tell the difference between that and reality.