Fake Kawhi Leonard at Raptors Parade Should Invest in Some Lifts


A Kawhi Leonard impersonator has taken to the streets to sign autographs and take pictures with fans today during the Toronto Raptors’ championship parade. As an ignorant American, I have no idea if he’s charging money and refuse to look up if they have capitalism up in Canada. But he should.

The Board Man shouldn’t be the only one getting paid.

The guy does, in fact, look a lot like Leonard. Except for one thing. His height. No way is he cracking six-feet tall, or whatever that is in meters. Again, not looking it up.

It might be a good investment for our guy here to get some lifts. It just feels like all of these photos aren’t going to be very believable without some pretty significant optical illusions.

Here’s hoping he has a great day and enjoys all his 15 minutes have to offer. Nothing like a title to bring people of all sizes and relative talent together.