Fake Arena League Football Player Joins Cheerleaders For Epic Dance Routine


The Arizona Rattlers cheerleaders – the Sidewinders – had a very tall guest cheerleader over the weekend. During one of their dance team’s routines, a large man dressed in a Rattlers uniform joined the team for some pretty epic dancing. The video is awesome. Unfortunately, like most things on the Internet, it is too good to be true. No #75 exists on the Rattlers’ website. Last season they had a player wearing number 75, but that was Cornelius Dixon. The name on this jersey is “Oscar.” Sorry kids. We’ve got a fake

Here’s a video from 2013 where three “players” joined a routine with the cheerleaders. None of those numbers correspond with players on the 2013 roster.

And here’s the 2012 version. Finally, after going back three years, we have a name. Oscar Hernandez. He is the current choreographer for the Detroit Pistons’ dancers and mob squad. As far as I know, the Pistons record their cheerleaders’ routines using whatever technology came after the camcorder.