I Would Absolutely Watch This Fake 30 For 30 on Stephen A. Smith

Liam McKeone
Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith / Elsa/Getty Images

Stephen A. Smith has grown his brand to astronomical levels. He's become so well-known that a fake Twitter account called Stephen A. Smith Burner, dedicated to responding to any and all sports news with short clips of the ESPN talent, has managed to garner 300,000 followers.

That same account posted a fake 30 For 30 trailer of an episode starring Stephen A., and I for one would watch it without a moment's hesitation.

Stephen A.'s rise from lesser-known talent to the face of daily ESPN programming is worth profiling, all jokes aside. It's quite a story. If it came in the style of a 30 For 30, even better.

What if I told you that the star of Stephen A. Smith grows brighter by the day?