'F--- CNN' Chant Starts During Live Hit at Donald Trump Arraignment in Miami


On Tuesday, Donald Trump appeared at a courthouse in Miami for his arraignment, stemming from the criminal charges filed against him alleging his improper storage of classified documents. You know, the ones he put in his bathroom, which definitely locks, unlike garage doors. As expected Trump's arrival in Florida caused quite the hubbub and there were a lot of people outside the courthouse either protesting him or the trial.

CNN had Evan Perez onsite for a report and accidentally caught a "F--- CNN" chant during one of his live hits. Jake Tapper was amused.

This is almost certainly not going to be the last time a camera catches some NSFW chants while covering Trump's trial. In fact, you should probably just expect to hear that every time you turn on any news about it.

Trump pled not guilty to all charges. One hopes due process will unfold quickly so we can stop hearing about this one way or another, but hopes should not be raised.