Ezekiel Elliott Wrapped a Gift for the First Time and 'Hard Knocks' Was There

Liam McKeone
Ezekiel Elliott wraps his first-ever gift
Ezekiel Elliott wraps his first-ever gift /

The season premiere of HBO's Hard Knocks will air tonight at 10 p.m. ET. This year's edition features the one and only Dallas Cowboys. A preview was released this morning. It features Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott, as much of the content for this year's edition will.

It turns out that Elliott and Prescott have birthdays one week apart and they took place during training camp. The Hard Knocks crew was in Elliott's room while he was preparing a gift to give Prescott. In the process, the All-Pro running back revealed it was the first gift he has ever wrapped.


I mean, the only logical explanation here is that Elliott is a big gift bag guy. Right? He's rich enough now that he can hire other people to wrap his gifts or whatever, but Elliott has only been wealthy for a few years. There's no way to avoid wrapping gifts when growing up-- unless he opted for a gift bag. Every single time. Which, as many of us know, is rather hard to do once the gifts reach a certain size.

The thing is that you can tell Elliott isn't lying, either. The video above perfectly demonstrates the struggles of those who are not good at wrapping. A messy process no matter what.

We will see tonight how Prescott responds to the wrapping job and if anyone presses Elliott on how he's made it 26 years on this earth without wrapping a single present. We need answers!