Ezekiel Elliott Will Not Be Suspended by NFL After Vegas Incident

Liam McKeone

Ezekiel Elliott met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell earlier this week to discuss an incident from May, where an altercation between Elliott and a festival worker was caught on video. After the meeting, he posted an apology via his Twitter account, and promised to be better.

Many viewed the statement and the meeting as the prelude to another suspension. Elliott has had several disciplinary issues in the past, and this wouldn’t be his first time getting suspended. The NFL released a statement to the contrary, however, and Elliott will officially not undergo a suspension.

This is great news for the Cowboys, and likely a fitting end to this situation. While Elliott’s past offenses speak for themselves, this incident alone wasn’t worthy of a suspension, and it’s debatable whether it even merited a meeting.

Regardless, the Cowboys have their running back, and the NFL will hopefully turn their attention to more pressing issues, like the Tyreek Hill case.